Digital advertising continues to dominate marketing budgets

Asian-Pacific shoppers, are more active on smartphones than ever, digital advertising dominates
budgets, and social media is considered to be the most operative form of marketing to gain new
customers. The report, which gathers insights from Australian CMOs and marketers, found 44.8
per cent of total ad spend in Australia is online spend, followed by TV and then print. This
reflected an increase from 36.2 per cent in 2014. Paid display advertising took out the top spot
for marketing budget distribution last year, making up 17.6 per cent, closely followed at 16.5 per
cent. As well as digital increases, the report found TV, outdoor, radio and cinema advertising all
rose slightly between 2014 and 2017. In contrast, print has significantly declined every year.

Social media marketing is steadily being rated as one of the most effective channels across all three
stages of the customer journey and is one of the most widely used marketing activities. More than
six in 10 respondents who have targeted attainment campaigns are employing social media
marketing (64.6 per cent), and marketers observe social media marketing and SEO as the top two
most effective marketing activities in gaining new customers. Average effectiveness rating were at
least four out of five, with social media marketing also perceived as the most effective for
adaptations and driving repeat purchases. Conversion rates are five times higher on shopping apps
than on mobile web, by 2020 smartphone ownership will overtake that of personal computer, and
mobile Internet retailing is set to grow to $13.7 billion by 2022. Having an united marketing
campaign continues to be important, with 56.2 per cent of marketers believing having an united
campaign improves user involvement by providing steady experience across the purchasing journey,
and 44.9 per cent of marketers believing having an integrated crusade with maximises ROI.

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