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SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to the website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of search engine (SERP)-including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to the website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of search engine (SERP)-including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Looking for a Expert in Digital Marketing to get more customers

Looking to hire the best SEO consultant?

"Let's dive your brand into digital market"

SEO means Search Engine Optimization but with SEOPPC India, it can be "Smart Engine Optimization". I, Kapil Bhagat Sunariya, an SEO consultant and Digital Marketing Consultant have enough experience in digital marketing and know the value of each click. If you are looking to hire an SEO consultant and independent Digital Marketing Consultant than you are at the best and safe place. Digital marketing is an art performed by the creative and technical artist and it has to be done by only experts. Being an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant, I can say that wrong digital strategy might land your sales drastically down and can dramatically increase your budget.

SEO algorithm is one of the trickiest marketing tools at the digital platform. One has to bid for keywords to increase Google or search engine ratings. Sometimes bidder tries to get higher keywords also known as "heads" but he can ensure the quality of lower keywords and can save the client's budget. These are tactics which can build your SEO stronger with high impact and at low rates. Being an experienced SEO consultant, I offer you plethora of techniques for making your brand digitized. It will be a great journey for your brand if we will tie up and also your conversion rates will surely go up.

Why me

  • Timeliness
  • Professional scenario
  • Affordable Budget
  • Experienced PPC expert/Consultant
  • Aware of new trends
  • Smart strategies

Bag filled with SEO services

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is done for uplifting Google listings for better and authentic lead generation. SEO driven leads have more potential than the normal one which will give you better ROI's. The trickiest part is bidding while purchasing keywords for the business.

  • Enterprise SEO

    This type of SEO is for medium and large sized business groups. Here bidding plays an important role as they finalize the keywords for the product.

  • Local SEO

    This is done to find our local customers which might be unaware of your new product. Being an experienced SEO consultant, I know each and every trick to do local SEO.

  • Mobile SEO

    The major audience is surfing the internet on their smart devices. We have the solution for this too. Our mobile SEO service will guide your brand how to be clicked?

  • E-Commerce SEO

    High competition and variety of products for sale, E-commerce SEO is the best technique to list your website up as this is only for sales purposes. As a digital marketing expert, I rate this type of SEO higher and tricky.

Why you need an SEO consultant

"I love the challenges because I know how to win them"

As an SEO Consultant and Digital Marketing Consultant, I would suggest you hire an SEO guide because these activities should be performed by experts. Bidding is one of the tricky jobs as it involves huge money and every penny should be worth spending. If your SEO budgets are low, then it does not mean you can't bid too long but you need a smart mind to handle. Not every "head" is unique or most important but the first task is to get aware of the keywords which can uplift your brand ratings.

How my digital strategy is the smartest around the players

"The prime tasks should be performed well"

  • Well Bidding

    The trickiest and money involved job and needs good information about SEO. The whole SEO story revolves around how well bid for keywords

  • Smart Keywords

    Sometimes lower famous keywords can do the wonders for your brand and you have to understand while bidding. Being an SEO consultant, I know the critical scenarios while purchasing keywords.

  • Well Researched

    This is one of the tedious but smart jobs. One has to research well before planning for SEO or Digital Marketing techniques.

  • Competitor Analysis

    You should go deep dive into the ocean of your competitors because they are the ones who actually care what you do. Being a Digital Marketing consultant, this is the first job which I plan before the start

  • Affordable Rates

    My digital marketing rates are totally affordable. You can make your product easily visible on several digital platforms with our different plans

  • Genuine Traffic

    How would you know that everyone who is surfing your website is actually interested in your product? You don't know, but being an experienced Digital Marketing consultant, I know how to drive genuine customers who have potential and can raise your ROI

Only genuine leads can increase ROI

"Let's fetch your customers"

Every product has to go for a thrill of marketing and nowadays, digital platform or digital field has been overtaking all the other media. Digital market genuinely has so much potential that can directly support your product and can pitch your product to millions of people. Being a Digital Marketing consultant, I know the deep thrills of digital tricks and can plan well to make your product a brand. Digital strategies are not easy to make as it has kinds of customers and our job is to spend money only on those customers who have potential and can increase the Return On Investments. The best part in tying me for your digital strategy is that my digital marketing plans are really affordable and still they will take your product to each customer which is residing on digital market.

Let's get to the point and discuss the most important task to run a business and that is conversions. Conversions only can be done if you get the potential and genuine clients and it is hard to find in the digital field. Being an expert SEO consultant and Digital Marketing consultant, I know how to find the hidden customers which really can make the difference and can increase your Return on Investments. I, Kapil Bhagat Sunariya, welcome all of you to join digital success with my best strategies in affordable rates.